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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Millennium is helping to meet growing global energy demand and reduce carbon print with the production of clean natural gas. Advantages of Natural gas are many – it powers, heats and cools industries, homes and businesses, and it fuels trucks and shipping as an alternative to conventional and heavy fuel oils.

Millennium group’s expertise and logistic strengths act as the fulcrum to leverage its refineries' asset utilization and optimization. These strengths, coupled with our highly integrated plants and automated processes, augment Our Businesses's operating efficiencies. Our refineries are strategically located, offering the benefits of low transportation costs for feedstock and proximity to high-growth markets.

The goal of Millennium group is to deliver world class industry leading returns and be a backbone of exceptional growth besides focusing on environment and safety.

High production capacity ensures industry leading capital per barrel. A dedicated marine facility, giving access to the world's largest crude and product vessels.The scale of operations and energy efficiency ensure the lowest operating costs, globally.

Millennium’s integrated team of Supply and Trading works on real-time with the refinery operations to maximize and optimise asset utilisation.