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Iron & Steel

Millennium Holdings FZE has bagged a large government contract for disposal of millions of metric tons of steel rail scrap.

Millennium deals with economical and efficient steel through backward and forward integration. From the widest flat products to a whole range of long products, the company serves a product portfolio that caters to different needs in the steel market.

Our products are energized by the vivacity of innovation that enables the distinction of being a trendsetter. Customisation is at the core of all our product development and our cutting-edge technology excellence ensures the best in class offerings for our valued customers.

We are reaching out globally using our expertise through diversified investment strategies and gaining a foothold in high growth markets. The company not only continues to work concertedly to expand in its core areas but is also diversifying into new businesses.

We are devoted to providing ultra-valued products and service for customers, and create the best value for shareholder and the society, is to build itself into world's steel technology leader, environmentally friendly best practitioner and example for the joint development of employees and enterprise to create a beautiful life. The company is one of a complete steel enterprises in the global steel varieties and the world first-class technical level and service capability.

Millennium stands to its development road of innovation and coordination, actively developing and applying the advanced energy-saving and environmental protection technology, and establishing the marketing network and processing center with nationwide coverage and worldwide involvement, and persistently seeks for the green development and low-carbon solutions for the whole industry chain. Its new generation high strength automotive steel, oriented silicon steel, high-grade steel for the household appliances, oil gas pipes, steel for the bridge, heavy rail for hot rolling and other high-end products reach the world's advanced level.