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Millennium Investments is world’s leading fund investing in Innovative business. We help businesses "thrive for growth” through our funding, strategic and operating support, providing critical connections, and securing growth capital. We are one of the most active investors worldwide. We believe that strong, successful companies can generate significant growth and profits while benefiting the people when impact is ingrained in the business model. We invest in high-growth sectors including Information Technology, Alternative Energy, Healthcare, Education, and Financial Technology.

We are interested in meeting entrepreneurs, investors and people involved in the entrepreneurship eco-system. We specialize in high growth sectors and through our programs help startups raise funding. Our team of investment managers having years of collective entrepreneurial experience. We know what is needed to get the best out of your idea, and we do it with empathy and insight.

We ensure that our companies scale with the right speed and become leaders in their sector. We combine our investment expertise and our entrepreneurial knowledge to help you grow and create value with pace and persistency.

We seek entrepreneurs with the courage to re-imagine the world. We engage with business owners whenever needed. We patiently listen, discuss, work to get conviction on their vision. We are fortunate to work with many visionary businesses. Each team has an inspirational story and insight that adds to the richness of the business ecosystem.

Investment Services

  • Funds & Stock Investments
  • Management services to Investments
  • Financial & Tourist Checks and Transfer Issuance
  • Debt Collection
  • Insurance Negotiation
  • Purchase and Sale of Currencies
  • Intermediation of Cash Market Operations
  • Private Fund Investments
  • Financial Advisory
  • Financial Analysis
  • Currency Exchange
  • Conducting of Financial operations